Words of wisdom from Cleaver editor-at-large KC Mead-Brewer:

Writing Reconsidered

I’m currently turning the corner in my recent novel from Middle to End. Granted, it’s a slow, long (really long) corner, but it’s a turn all the same. And as I started work on a particularly tricky scene last night, I found all the typical fears and insecurities cropping up again:

What if this novel is actually just terrible?

What if this is all some big waste of time?

What if no one will ever care about these characters like I do? 

What if this book never gets published?

What if this book doesn’t deserve to ever get published?

Each section of a book—Beginning, Middle, End—presents its own unique writing challenges and feeds off our insecurities in its own unique way. Beginnings, I find, like to try and whip me up like an omelet chunked with poorly made, extra-dense tofu—frenzied with a desire to get moving while also clunked and chunky…

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